Re: study material to teach hams on datacommunication

Richard in NC

Back in the day when the FCC gave the ham radio tests (in the FCC office) you actually had to learn about electronic theory and there were no published questions or answers. Only a brief overview of what the test would cover. For example, the Novice license covered very little electronics, the General theory (which was the same as the Technician theory as there was element 3 and not a 3a and 3b) you had to learn about FM theory and oscillators, some SSB theory, antenna theory, the Advanced license required more in depth theory and knowledge of troubleshooting, and the Extra required even more knowledge. Once the questions and answers were released to the public, people tend to memorize them and not actually learn the theory, nor care to. I myself enjoyed learning about the theory and made a career using it.

I know some who did this and have learned some things about the theory from experience using it, but it is not the same hobby anymore. 

73 Richard 

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