Re: New digital mode PS-18 (HF pager) from DXsoft and Radial, or we invented APRS again :-)

Cliff Fox (KU4GW)

I do see possible violations, it's up to the FCC's interpretation of the rules.
§97.113   Prohibited transmissions.
(a) No amateur station shall transmit:
(5) Communications, on a regular basis, which could reasonably be furnished alternatively through other radio services.
*(The FCC already has frequencies allocated for pager systems)
(5)(b) An amateur station shall not engage in any form of broadcasting, nor may an amateur station transmit one-way communications except as specifically provided in these rules; nor shall an amateur station engage in any activity related to program production or news gathering for broadcasting purposes, except that communications directly related to the immediate safety of human life or the protection of property may be provided by amateur stations to broadcasters for dissemination to the public where no other means of communication is reasonably available before or at the time of the event.
*(A pager system is a one-way communication.)
I guess it would be up to the FCC whether to enforce the rule and given their recent history of Part 97 Rule enforcement, barely any at all, you can certainly give it a try to find out. The worst that would probably happen would likely be only a letter saying you can't do it. If they sent a letter saying that and then it was ignored then it may get worse. Give it a try, but choose your operating frequencies wisely so no one complains to the FCC about it interfering with ongoing communications. People already complain about the Automatcally Controlled Digital Systems like Winlink and nothing has been done about them randomly transmitting on top of ongoing communications. The ARRL's solution is them wanting to take 3600-3650 Khz away from Extra Class operators on 75/80 meters and use it for ACDS stations, but that's currently only a proposal (See ARRL Draft Bandplan Rev3h - 29Jan2020 Page 5 of PDF version) that hasn't been approved yet. I rarely get QRM from ACDS on 75/80 meters, 40 meters is where they're always giving me problems. The ARRL's bandplan proposal sets aside 7100-7125 Khz for ACDS on 40 meters. The same proposal includes giving phone privileges to Technician licensees from 3900-4000 Khz with a 200 watt maximum power limit. I have no problem yielding the bottom 50 khz of my Extra Class privileges to ACDS on 80 meters or the 7100-7125 on 40 meters. I do hope they don't grant the Technician licensees phone privileges on 75 meter phone because of 2 reasons; (1) Have you listened there how bad things have gotten there since they dumbed down the exams and dropped the code requirement altogether? It has gotten much worse from my soon to be quarter century of having my license! I had a station key up and ask me for a SWR report a while back! LOL! and (2) They don't deserve it! They need to get more education on radio in general, how it works, the technical side of things like what heterodyning is, what SWR is, etc. Just this OM's opinion. 
Very 73 and good luck!
Cliff, KU4GW

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