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In the US we are quickly headed for a no test license.
So your fighting an uphill battle.

If you find that book pls let us know, I would read it.

Trip - KT4WO

On 6/23/20, Kristoff Bonne <> wrote:
Hi all,

As I once wrote some libraries for encoding POCSAG-messages on arduino
and GNU Radio that are now on github, I sometimes get mails from people
asking me about POCSAG.

Now, looking at some of the questions I get, I do notice quite a lack of
basic knowledge on digital communication in the amateur-radio community.
E.g. I do not know how many times I have already explained that FSK
("Frequency Shift Keying") -as used by POCSAG paging-, is in fact
nothing else but a variation on normal FM. I keep on asking myself
"isn't this something that somebody with a ham-license is supposed to

I get the impression that, although all ham-radio course do explain AM,
FM and SSB, for some reason the "digital" version of them (and how much
they are actually alike) are not really covered; or not to a degree that
people have an idea of digital communication really *is*.
For me, I learned most of digital communication from books (mainly on
land-based digital communication) but I must say that a lot of the books
and study-material on digital communication and datacomm do are either
oriented towards EE students (i.e. with a lot of focus on math) or to
much oriented on "operating" (i.e. not providing a descent theoretical
background on the topic)

So, ..  I'm looking for study-material or books that a provide a base
and descent theoretical background on the topic, but without all the
math that comes with the EE engineering-courses. By preference, the
course would build on the material used of the ham-radio license exam.
My target-audience is a typical amateur-radio operator:  learned
electronics via a courses in a local radio-amateur club, either no or
limited technical background) .

What would you advice to a fellow ham that wants to learn more about
digital communication, going beyond being just an operator?

Does the ARRL sell any good books on this topic?

kristoff - ON1ARF

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