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On Wed, Jun 3, 2020 at 04:43 PM, Oliver K6OLI wrote:
Have fun experimenting

The  badge's   , FM and  HF are  a little  simplistic ,  
Vara  FM  is  intolerant of  frequency  displacement ,  having   no  AFC facility 
this  is inherent  in a  FM system , tx and recovered Rx tone's  are  always
identical [ frequency] . hence  AFC was not  provided.
But, out of the  box,  , could also  be  conveyed  via   Am or 
perhaps  pilot  carrier SSB  or  AM- vestigial sideband ? , 
9600  , Requires a greater bandwith , as provided  for  9600 packet
hence the  need  to  use the  9600  option  of the  Tx/Rx , 
but is still  essentially FM , with  zero off set capability . 
Vara HF is provided with AFC and is able to detect off sets, but 
Can also  be  used over  FM links , if the  link is very poor  or 
Narrow  bandwidth , 
During testing ,  I found  with a  local satation on 6 meters . 
who , had high 'solar panel' wide band noise , switching  from  SSB
to FM  tx/rx mode  provided a higher  maximum  rate , 

Take a  look at the  V-Sat  for  chat , that  has some  novel 
netting  and  measuring  functions  ..  based on the  HF modem 

Not the  inteded deployements ,  but room  for  experimentation -)

73 -Graham

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