Re: New digital mode PS-18 (HF pager) from DXsoft and Radial, or we invented APRS again :-)

Kristoff Bonne


On 3/06/2020 19:31, Sergei Podstrigailo wrote:
KB> I can't speak for John, but I think the question was about a port of the
KB> complete stack (encoder and decoder) to linux single-board computer or a

We are working on full "Hardware pager" with embedded transceiver, STM32 controller and e-Ink display too...
Versions for small Linux systems probably will be made also, but some later...
I hope that's will not be a 'just install and use'  box. :-(

These kind of devices almost killed the spirit of amateur-radio. Thankfully the maker/hacker-community came to save us.

kristoff - ON1ARF

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