Re: Need info on reliable refurbished computer source

Don Coker

I have bought two Dell OptiPlexes and one Dell Laptop, all renewed off of Amazon. Stuck with Dell because it is easy to get the drivers and other support info. Both OptiPlexes arrived and worked as represented. The Laptop would not boot, so got a return authorization that cost me nothing and a credit back in 10 days. Got another Laptop and it worked just fine.  Overall, I have been happy.






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I was looking at those “renewed “ desktop PC’s myself . I’ve been using my current desktop for several years but it my be time for an upgrade . I was turned off

many of the reviews I saw on Amazon so will follow this thread and see what information others have about this topic 

Andy K3uk 


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Finally have to admit my AMD dual-core and 4G RAM are outdated. Refurbished is the only option available for me right now.

Anyone have first-hand reports of a reliable source? Been checking Amazon primarily, and some of their "renewed" units look good, but not something I've ever delved into. Reviews on the site are pretty well split, and I don't want to get into something that I'll regret.

If it helps, I'm looking for an Intel quad-core with 16G RAM with either integrated or dedicated graphics that will drive two monitors. I do not need all the peripherals such as monitors and keyboard.

Thanks for any assistance!
Dave - K1DJE (ex-KB3MOW)

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