New Opera 23 cm beacon F1ZSS 1298.830 MHz #opera #beacon


New Opera  23 cm beacon  F1ZSS

New  23 cm  Fixed beacon , established at
Mont Aigoual 1560m asl   'South France 

Power to  Ae  5  watts  carrier   
Omni  directional Ae.
QRG- 1296.830  Carrier [ subtract 1500 Hz for  usb-dial set]
Modes  Opera  Op05 & CW  

Notably,  the  Opera system has multiple uWave / SHF and  VHF  'EU fixed beacon deployments  ,  using the  op05 , 30 second -20/-21 dB  min in 2.4 KHz  s/n version , 

Where as the  more traditional  3  element beam affords a  ~ 7 db gain,  in a single  general  direction 
the  deployment of the  opera system, and Omni  directional  Ae affords a gain of  ~ +10  dB and  360 deg  service  area 

Opera spots  show  on the  PSk-Map  as 23 cm
and  are listed in the
data base as  23 cm 

Panaramic view  of location 

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