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Does not help that Flex seems to advertise using their amp with FT8.

tom w7sua

On 5/26/2020 10:07 AM, Rick Ellison wrote:
On the list of changes for the next release on the WSJT webaite..
"On a trial basis, and in response to numerous suggestions from around the world, we have added a second set of suggested dial frequencies for FT8 on three HF bands and also on 6 meters. The new suggested dial frequencies are 7.071, 10.133, 14.071, and 50.310 MHz."
I try to do at least 3 evenings a week on PSK31 and 63 along with MFSK on or about 14.071 This will effect that whole area..
73 Rick N2AMG
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Is there somewhere on the web showing the new proposed frequencies?
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FYI, in case you have not heard (or experienced).  With the new release of WSJTX NEW frequencies are provided as suggested operating areas for FT8.  Several taking them closer to tradition PSK31, Olivia, Thor suggested frequencies.  I don't have big problems with it, but some are already sqawking
Andy K3UK
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