Re: PSK beacons on HF ?

Kristoff Bonne

Hi Ev,

The question is not about the propagation data,

What I am looking for is a real HF PSK-signal to practice the PSK decoding process I learned in the GNU radio tutorial.
(see here:

Earlier, I did experiments with decoding FSK signals with GNUradio. For that, I used the RTTY transmission of the DWD at 147.3 KHz and navtex transmissions on 490 and 518 KHz as they provided almost permanent signals to do long-term tests of the decoder flowgraph.

So, now, I am looking for a equivalent PSK-signal on HF, MW of LW to learn building a PSK demodulator.

kristoff - ON1ARF

On 20/04/20 21:05, Ev Tupis via wrote:
Hi Kristoff.  The project provided 15 years of PSK31 signals on 30 and 10 meters.  It recently shut down.  Sorry.  However...all of the propagation that it recorded over that time is still recorded and can be visualized at

-Ev, W2EV

On Monday, April 20, 2020, 2:38:27 PM EDT, Kristoff Bonne <> wrote:

Hi all,

Quick question:
Are there beacons that transmit PSK signals continuously?

I'm currently learning GNU radio, currently tutorial 7 on the GNUradio
website on decoding PSK.
So it would be nice to have a real "live" PSK signal to try to decode.

So-far, I have two sources for PSK signals: the middle-frequency beacon
on QO100 and FM-RDS but I also like to have some "HF" signals to look at.
I think I remembering there used amateur-radio beacons that transmit PSK
signals instead of CW. Do they still exist?

Or are there other sources of PSK signals on HF that are more or less
permanent to receive?

kristoff - ON1ARF

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