Re: Mystery JT65 signal


Any of the  compressed format  systems ,  will  'always  produce ''valid''  out put , when  subjected to a  repeating  ''noise'' 
pattern , where  pre formatted  messages are  encountered, it becomes  ever more  ' realistic' 

Much merriment , is had, when  opera  responds to a  repeating , 'noise pattern [ usually a  keying attribute of a  'beacon kit' excited  transmitter' ] and go's on  to  print , what is perceived as  false  detections , only applies to  136 band , where  s/n levels  to  -45 dB are encountered ,  hence very low  spurious signals ,  cause  'havoc'  , once lodged in the  call  list , then other stations ,  similar respond ... catch22

I suspect, this is a  repeating  beacon , but not  JT system ,  intruder more  like ?


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