Re: VARA -SAT- Dynamic net facility #VARA



Reports , sending  70 Kb  in 4 min 18  sec , via :-

IS0GRB Winlink Server on QO-100 (Dial 10489635.0 USB)

Bernd  posts 

''This morning I made  a speed measurement with VARA SAT with winlink express via OSCAR-100.

I sent a file with app. 70 kbytes size from Zirndorf, Germany to IS0GRB island Sardinia ( Italy ).

I have a FTDX3000, a signalink sound card and the DL2BZ transverter driven by Leo Bodnars great GPSDO.

The file was sent in a time of 4min18s.

The sat  version of VARA has  extended  time  delay to  accommodate the  path length , enhanced  AFC  and  'ping' netting facility to  enable  fast  netting to  be achieved ,

Features that  may also  be  useful  , for  less precise  HF use, perhaps VFO controlled set's   , or  systems with  long  tx/rx change over times ..noting the  modem  , unlicensed  , remains  in the  lower speed  MFSK modes and as such , may be  used with  a variety of non linear systems -  eg  qrp  using  class  D power amps etc [ if your installation  is  licenced ,  entering a  random key  will  effectively de-register , being restored when the  correct key is  entered ]

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