Re: Over-Driven FT-8 QRM #FT8 QRM #FT8



If you  run one of the  RTL $10  dongles,  you  can select  ,  direct conversion in the  driver , and the  device  will  Rx from  ~~ 0 to  25  MHz  ish ,  it  cuts out the  front  end and just uses the  back  a/c convertor  

Usually  enough  stray  coupling to  work,  if not , you  can  attach a line to  the  board ,  if  you  google  RTL direct  conversion,  there are  various shots  of where to  connect  to  

Perhaps a  better  display  is the Spec-Lab  software ,  justlink the  SDR sharp  detector  audio  with  virtual  audio  cable , then you  have a  choice of  decoder  , I think  the  audio  b/w of the  sdr  sharp  system is  constricted , not  wide enough to  monitor  say VARA  FM 9600  mode ,  , which is often deployed  via constricted audio  b/w 

Scope probe and pc sound-card , with  Spec-lab , makes a very good audio  measuring  tool as well  , check the  data input audio  b/w against the  recovered off  air 

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