Re: where can I find remote controlled relay board ? #digital


I purchased a Denkovi SNMP12 a few years ago that will probably do what you want.?? It has 12 SPDT relays (up to 15A), 8 ADC inputs (0-10V) and 8 digital inputs (0-12V).


Unfortunately, they are now "Out of stock".?? You might find something else on their website that will do the same thing.

I never used it for my ham radio remote base project.?? I don't remember why, but I used a different device to do what I wanted to do.?? The SNMP-12 did work fine, but all I was interested in at the time was a way to control AC outlets.?? I ended up using a Synaccess NetBooter NP-08 for the application.

My board is about 4-5 years old and was never put into use.?? If it is something you are interested in I'd sell it.

Joe, K1ike

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