Re: New VARA HF v3.0.2 #VARA



I think  you  may find , the  new  'Chat' application , quite novel, in that  it gives access to the  modem at  all  speeds ,  but , I for  one  cannot  type that  fast ! , running the  'chat  app , calls the  vara  modem ,
Chat provides the  Rig  control  , via CAT or  Com-ptt  and the  modem  , the  audio interface  and  tune  button  ,  now a single  1500 Hz test  tone .The new modem has improved low  signal performance ,  this with the  arq  function , makes  for  low  power  error free  qso's , at power levels  much reduced  from the  days of amtor

Though not intended ,  the  unlicensed [free for all]  modem runs to  175  baud  level 3  , min being 40 baud  , ample  for  qso ,  but notably ,  for the  qrp  users , the  modem  remains  MFSK as  is the  ACK frame , being  phase continuous , allows it to be  passed  via non linear systems , ie , class  E/D  power  stages , which will  be of interest to the  low power / battery  emergency  situations ,  

Entering a valid key , enables the  faster  levels, which are ofdm and require  linear handling.

Might be of wider  interest to list  possible watering  holes  for  'vara chat' ? first over the  pond  might be a start !


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