New VARA HF v3.0.2 #VARA


Posted to the  VARA group  this morning ,  announcement , new  VARA  V3-0-2  has been  released , 

in addition , two  other  applications  are  released :-

VARA  Terminal : , allowing  connection  to  BPQ servers ,  deploying VARA modem  

CHAT  application , which allows the  modem to  be uses as  'QSO mode ,  
with  full  arq,  [ similar to  AMTOR ] for  live  keyboard text  and  file  transfer 
[NB unlicensed modem runs to  175 Baud]

Download links , as of  today  21/7

  VARA HF v3.0.2 (From July 27th onwards. No compatible with v2.2.1)

  VARA HF v2.2.1 (Old version, expires July 27th)

  VARA SAT v3.0.1 (For Es’Hail-2 (QO-100) Satellite)

  VARA FM v1.2.8 (For 2m,70cm FM Links)

  VARA Chat v1.0.7 (Text and File transfer P2P app)

  VARA Terminal v1.0.5 (VARA dumb terminal)

Copy follows 


Good morning,
As some of you know, i have been working in a new VARA HF since months ago. The objective was improve all the lines of the code and, specially, increase the sensitivity with low S/N, getting good performance with bad and good conditions.
The result is the new VARA HF v3.0.2 and can be downloaded in the official VARA site without extra cost for VARA licenses:
Sysops have been notified by the WDT and will try replace VARA v2.2.1 by the v3.0.2 on July 27th (or even before) . 
The default retries in this new VARA is 10 (instead of 5) as now the connection protocol is faster. Set the number of retries that best fits with your usual Gateways. The time between retries is 3.2 seconds, so 10 retries are 32 seconds cycle. And DWELL time (for Gateway sysops) is 4 seconds.
special thanks to Martin HB9AUR for the countless hour spent testing VARA prototypes 

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