#WSJTX FT4 for NBEMS nets ? #WSJTX

Andrew OBrien

Me , again. On my old topic of faster/easier net call-up methods.  As you may remember I think many NBEMS Olivia nets take FAR too long checking in stations (20 minutes of checking in, two minutes for net content ) . I did consider FSQcall and JS8Call as offering a better way to start an NBEMS net before switching to Olivia and FLAMP methods for traffic sending. Now I'm wondering if FT4 , or even FT8, offer something more efficient?  Both FT4 and FT8 offer the ability for Net Control to simultaneously detect stations checking in  over a 3 Khz range. Plenty of bandwidth for 20-30 NBEMS stations to check in and be "spread out" .  With FT4 , checking in could be done via a couple of 4.5 second cycles , with FT8 , 12 seconds. I'm also wondering about the "Fox and Hound" setting in FT8 (not implemented in FT4 at the  moment) and whether this could be used by a NCS to quickly acknowledge, en masse, the stations checking in. With WSJT-X and Fldigi open at same time. WSJT FT modes could be used to check in all stations within a minute and then use TX RSID in Fldigi (or Multipsk) to send traffic in the more  traditional, speedier, robust, digital modes.
Andy K3UK 

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