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Sholto, surely what you are suggesting is the same as transmitting on 14.071 using USB so your transmissions don't cause interference to existing activity on 14.074.

I cannot see the point in inverting your sideband?

73 Trevor M5AKA

On Friday, 19 April 2019, 20:33:08 BST, Sholto Fisher <sholto.fisher@...> wrote:

This probably has occurred to others but I’ve found that tuning to 14.074 LSB gives me a better shot at hearing digital signals as the FT8 crowd are kept at bay by opposite sideband suppression in my rig.


I run an IC-718 with no filters so maybe you guys with your Elecraft, FTDXs and Flex radios don’t need it!


You just need to remember to invert your signal in the software. Some modes such as PSK31, Packet, and Feld Hell don’t need it but others like MFSK and Olivia do.







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