Re: First ROS test over QO-100 Sat #ros #sat #qrp


First live  Two  way  QSO's  reported  on 10.489606  GHz  Down  link  frequency 
Between  PA1DSB and  SV8RV   ,  QSO  using  off  air  10 GHz Rx  each side  of the 
qso  and  1 meter . and 94 cm  dish tx/rx , { ROS is listed in ADIF ]

Its suggested that  the  Dial-set-USB for  ROS QSO is  10.489606  GHz
SV8RV  and others are now monitoring  . 


Peter reports ,  power levels  for up link of  10mW to  95 cm Dish , 

I Just was in QSO with 8RV. We did start in TX4. Later TX16. I think power was 10mW into 95cm dis here. But i have to do some measurements.

Screen  capture  of  QSO text,  showing  -13  <crc=ok>  ie   100 % copy 

psk-map  showing  as 2 meters , being the  highest band 
set in the  ROS  applications ,  as  Opera ,  based on  psk-map 

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