Re: First ROS test over QO-100 Sat #ros #sat #qrp


Hi Siegfried,

Yes, the  power levels are quite  unexpected ,  at the moment ,  100  mW to 95 cm dish is  producing  - 5 db s/n/ , with 25 % signal loss , we don't know , if the  'spread/loss  is  from the  2.4 , 10  or both  links ..thats  well inside the  ros-16 s/n 

23:56 1296600 PA1SDB de SV8RV Op05 1264 mi -5 dB F:25% in [D] Zakynthos(Zante)isl.GREECE via OSCAR-100 100mw 1507,8 Hz with 2

Ea5dom  , reached  this level  with  20w  or so,   watts  to a co linear ,  360  deg  radiation pattern ! may be 5  watts  , would be  enough , basically  if  opera op05  decodes , the  link  will  support  ros-4 

SV8RV Has added  Opera op05   live  off air decodes  , to  his list of monitored channels ,  so, if you  want to  check you  Ae  alignment  etc ,   the  up link  carrier  frequency  needed  is 2.400106 GHz , use the  1296  setting  on the  opera app , and  either  cw key  or  audio  drive  [ fixed at 1500 Hz ]  , but make sure the  on-air carrier  frequency is  correct, the  Opera  decoder is  quite wide [ +/- 200 Hz on 1500 mid band]  , the system will  spot  you  , or  you  can  monitor  locally  off  air  . or the  web-sdr ,  QRG  10.489603.500 GHz USB

It would be  useful  to compare , single  tone s/n  from your tx to  ssb , to  get a  measure  as to power needed  for  voice 

GL  73 -G

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