Is ALE 141 dead as a amateur "mode" ? #ALE

Andrew O'Brien

ALE as a concept has always been a favourite  amateur radio concept of mine. Alas its use in the amateur bands has been minimal. I have not used it much in the past year but 24 hours ago I reactivated ALE 141 via PC-ALE and Multipsk.  Listening for ALE 141 data "soundings" with my actual ears has produced not even a hint of a signal, software has detected nothing. I have been scanning all bands 80 through 15, except 60M. I checked the last HF Link QRG file to make sure I am scanning the correct channels . Is it dead as a often used method for hams ?  I know propagation is not great but I am hearing and seeing other signals/

Oops, I just heard a very weak ALE sounding , maybe my  demise of ALE assumption is premature?  

[23:09:56][FRQ 10145500][SND][               ][TWS][K6DRS1         ][AL0] BER 21 SN 03

Andy K3UK

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