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But they have not precluded proprietary (eg. patented) methods to be used, even if it required obtaining a technology license to decode.  Remember, SSB and FM were patented "waveforms" at one time.  There is a difference between encoding and encryption.

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Well it has been a long standing requirement on the FCC side that waveforms used on the Amateur Radio Service be sufficiently detailed in public that one could implement a decoder. For example when WINMOR came along the following was published:

The FCC does not and in my opinion should not, require that decoding software be provided.

However, it is my opinion if a waveform is not detailed sufficiently, as illustrated above, it has no place in being used on the ARS bands and the FCC agrees with that.

The MIL-STD and STANAG serial tone waveforms that I am focused on are so documented. However they are shut out from use do to their symbol rate on all but 60 meters below 6 meters when implemented without modification.

/s/ Steve

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Point taken,

The test  shows  transfer   P4  at  19,600  2 min 46 sec   VARA  at  24,700 2 min flat in 2.2 kHz b/w
30% speed increase, with a lower power budget , 

This meet the  only real test ,  data transferred / power expended

The main issue  is the  impending  petition , that seeks to  degrade accesses ,
my observation, is it it appears to be  narrow in its thrust



John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA


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