Re: #FCC #DigitalModes: New Petition for Rule Making RM-11831 #fcc


Kolarik contended in his petition that FCC action stemming from ARRL’s 2013 “symbol rate” Petition for Rule Making could increase congestion (i.e., interference) problems. In July 2016, the FCC in WT Docket 16-239 proposed to revise the Part 97 rules to eliminate current baud rate limitations for data 

For  a  'technical person'  its difficult to  assimilate  the  position's taken in the petition , appears to be based on
obsolete concepts ?.

Take the  300  baud max rate ,  technology  has advanced to the  point , this this is no longer relevant,  OFDM has now  rendered  high speed  serial carrier systems to be  obsolete ,  In a series of tests ,  carried  out , comparing the  VARA modem against other systems ,  VARA  HF  provided  higher  data  transfer , at lower power  levels than  Pactor 4 , in either direct or nivs path.. 

The on-air  carrier rate  for  vara  is round  37 Baud , maintaining compatibility , with  'all' propagation  modes

: link to  the  published  article :VARA review in HBradio

Channel  congestion / interference 

Making no reference to the  benefits of  2G , in terms of  bandwidth efficiency/access , although , apparently  well  versed in the  subject's , would of expected some  solution to the  issues , again , seeking to  diminish, rather than  innovate ?


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