Re: PSK31 QRV #PSK31

Ev Tupis

What's PSK31?  Is that more like AM or spark?  Lol.

(ducking for cover)
Ev, W2EV

On Wednesday, February 13, 2019, 10:44:13 AM EST, Andrew O'Brien <andrewobrie@...> wrote:

I finally paid attention to my suggestion that we should all use ye olde PSK31 a bit more.  I answered a CQ today and had a chat with a bloke in Florida.  It was nice to see his text pause occasionally and he slowly type his responses, NO canned macros other than his BTU string.  While JS8 has is useful at times, PSK31 keyboarding is much more effective .  I think I am going to deliberately CQ in PSK31 for a few minutes each day.  

Andy K3UK

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