Re: PSK31 QRV #PSK31

Larry Mundinger

On 2/13/19 11:03 AM, Andrew OBrien wrote:
Why don't we arbitrarily claim 18103 (dial)  plus 1000 Hz center frequency  as the new  calling frequency for PSK31 ?
Good idea Andy.  What about 30M? PSK and other keyboard modes used to be at 10140 but mailhandlers are now found there.  W1HKJ has 10135 as the default for Fldigi but that only leaves 1KHz before running into FT8. Perhaps we should just take over the space formerly used by JT65.ake

If Fldigi and HRD would default to usable frequencies for PSK and other keyboard modes it might make finding QSOs easier.

Larry KG4Q

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