Re: Ten Meter Meteor Scatter Video #10M Meteor Scatter Video JT9-Fast Modes #10m



See reply below. Hope this helps.

Tony -K2MO


Hi Tony,

The main site used for VHF / UHF sheds in EU is ON4KST

This site also has Region 2 and Region 3 pages for stations in those Regions to make QSOs with stations local to them, but many US, Caribbean and near east stations log into the 50MHz Region 1 chat in the SpE season.

The web interface for ON4KST takes a bit of getting used to, but is superb in what it can show. However, if chatting is your main use, then KST2Me by OZ2M is a much better way to use the ON4KST chat: < KST2Me is free, but you need to request a key from OZ2M. Also KST2Me uses Telnet to connect to the ON4KST server, this is bandwidth light and even works well on slow 2G/GPRS connections, KST2Me is my main way of using the ON4KST chat. I then use the likes of DXMaps to show the current band activity, and PSKReporter for viewing, on a map, won I'll RX'ing, and where I'm being heard.


Gavin Nesbitt, M1BXF.

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