Re: Could VARA HF SSB work via the new Es'Hail 2 Geostationary Ham Satellite ? #WinLink #VARA


Looks like that calculator is set up for lower frequencies, uncheck the Ground Reflection option, that'll reduce the distance.

1 mW/cm2 figure is for exposure averaged over 30 minutes.

InĀ OET Bulletin 65 the FCC notes "the most restrictive limits occur in the frequency range of 30-300 MHz where whole-body absorption of RF energy by human beings is most efficient. At other frequencies whole-body absorption is less efficient, and, consequently, the MPE limits are less restrictive"

73 Trevor M5AKA

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Watch the RF exposure !

5W into the 35 dbi dish antenna is 60 ft minimum.

Correct me, if I am wrong, please.

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