Re: 10 Meter FM Data USA Par97 limitations ?. #Intro

Gary Chatters WA9ZZZ

On 11/4/18 9:52 AM, Graham wrote:

There  is no  mention  of actual  transmission 'mode'  though ,  FSK by  hard keying ,  is base band  FM

As I understand the regulations, RTTY and Data on 10m are permitted only from 28.000 MHz to 28.300 MHz.

To determine what transmission modes are referred to by "RTTY" and "Data" you have to look in section 97.3 "Definitions".

Then to learn what each of those emission designators refer to, look them up in section 2.201 "Emission, modulation, and transmission characteristics." Note: This is Part 2, not Part 97.

Many years ago (before maybe 1970) RTTY on 10m was permitted in the 29.0-29.7 MHz range using frequency modulation techniques (F1 or F2).


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