Re: VARA vs. Pactor-III Speed Comparison Plots


Ok James 

That'a a lot  of 'Buck's for a  Bit'  hihi

At the  lower ranges , the  modem has better  s/n and  throughput ,  than  conventional  2 tone rtty 
the concept is quite novel. The lower the  single carrier bit rate , the  lower the  bit error rate , so by 
running at 37.5 baud  , the  errors  per carrier , are minimised , 

The 'out the box'  thinking , is in the  data  processing , the better the  s/n , the  lower the 
error rate ,  so the  higher can be the  ''compression'' , the higher the  ''compression'',  the 
higher the  volume of 'plain text' that  can be  transmitted , 

As the  s/n falls ,  the  more  robust the  data  processing  becomes, ie less ''compressed'' 'so over the  same  link
the  'plain text' transfer slows .. but as the  on-air  rate remains  'low' at  all  transfer rates
issue's round  path  quality/bit errors are minimised 


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