Re: Chat-Mode Path Simulator Tests


Thank's Tony 

Notably  the  modes that  are  providing  the  most  robust  service, are those by, and,  based on the  work  of
 Pawel Jalocha sp9vrc , in MT63 , first OFDM system available for Ham use , and Olivia , first below the noise 'mmfsk' weak signal mode , as well as Contestia, the original work, must be over 20 years old now , I can vividly remember a qso using MT63 on 7 MHz , watching various cw / rtty contacts on the waterfall , making  no difference to the  qso , either way, that was in the late 1980's , these were  and  are  first generation data  systems . 

There exists the opportunity to revisit the work , but perhaps in a more structured , enlightened
perhaps even moderated environment ....  


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