Re: VARA vs. Pactor-III Speed Comparison Plots


James /  Tony ,

There  are two , well  actually  three versions  of  VARA 

HF  designed  for  2.4 Khz  ssb  channel 
FM designed  for  standard  voice  FM  VHF replacing  1200 baud packet **
FM  high speed ,  designed to  replace the  9600 baud packet **
** VARA modem is  point to  point only,  not  support  AX25L packet , but  will  provide  forwarding 
at much enhanced speeds 

Not advisable to deploy  FM versions  over HF as the  coding  is not as tolerant to frequency 
drift , as HF , ie,  FM modulation  retains the  spectrum  integrity ..modem remains ARQ and  fully adaptive 

Vara was actually  designed  and coded  on a   windows  XP  computer,  as  far as can be  ascertained ,  VARA has no minimum  PC requirements 

Guide lines  would be ,  

As long as the  PC reaches the  minimum requirements  for  windows XP  ,
the  modem  will run .

73 - 

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