Re: [multipsk] [digitalradio] Chat-Mode Path Simulator Tests



Glad you found the test results interesting. Contestia is caps-only with a reduced character set. However, it does retain the most commonly used symbols. Fewer bits per character make it twice as fast as Olivia given the same configuration.

What's interesting about Contestia is that it can be made to perform as well as Olivia while using half the bandwidth. For example, Contestia 16-250 vs. Olivia 16-500 have essentially the same HF channel performance and typing speed. Same holds true for Contestia 32-500 vs. Olivia 32-1000.

The Contestia modes mentioned are available in FLDIGI's "custom" mode selection shown (see attached). It lets the user define different tone / bandwidth combinations. Olivia has this option as well.

73, Tony -K2MO

Absolutely interesting, and in many cases one are limited to work within a given narrow BW, like 30m in Europe.

What about UTF 8 ?
I do belive that MFSK 16 do deal with full UTF8 char set in addition to small and capital letters.
What a bout Contestia and Olivia 16/500? Do both deal with UTF 8?
I believe Olivia also deals with, but just lowers the speed during the Umlaut characters.
Yes I know Olivia is slow, but incredibly robust.

I did not think RTTY could ever handle UTF8 ,  but do  Contestia? so the only difference is the fixed Captials ?

Finn LA7UM

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