ROS HF & HamSphere


After spending a little  time , trying to  intercept  stations, showing as part of the  recent  increase in ROS-HF   usage
showing on the  PSK-Reported , from the  home qth and various   web-based  SDR's ..with  no success 

[ using the  ''decode'' function, its possible to  go hunting  for a  particular call  sign 
in the  [ as noted by J ros ] Jungle of signals , afforded by the  CDMA coding layer ]

One of the  web-beacons ,  contained the  text   ' HamSphere '  Ah  not  actually radiating RF !

For those who  subscribe to the  service , a good  opportunity to try the  mode out !
good results may be  obtained via the  web-sdr's , being  self synchronising , web 
delay is not a  problem


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