Re: Chat-Mode Path Simulator Tests


>The phase distortion that occurs causes havoc with PSK mode reception. 

This seems logical.

That's true ,  but  its the  same  for  any  single carrier  system , to  get anywhere near a usable  data rate , the  speed  needs  to be  high,  then  comes , inter symbol interference . nothing  actually  wrong  with  psk  modulation 

When its  deployed as a multi carrier carrier  system ,  as  in  the  original OFDM data  mode  MT66 , followed  by part installations pactor 3 ,  Ardop and  now, the  ROS-VARA , which as in MT63  deploys PSK multi carriers for 'ALL'  transfer rates .  

when deployed as part of a system , PSK provides excellent disturbed path  transmission, though in the  test, the  traditional  ofdm/mmfsk low signal s/n   imbalance is demonstrated  with  MT63,  however ,  revised architecture  on the  VARA modem , seems to  of negated this issue 

One question , as why in these  now difficult propagation  conditions , where  modes  to  only  500 Hz bandwidth  compared ?


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