gARIM Messaging Program (GUI) v0.3

Bob NW8L

Announcing the the next release of gARIM, a GUI version of the ARIM ARDOP host
program. This version is compatible with both version 1x and version 2.x ARDOP TNCs:
ARDOP_Win TNC, version 1.0.4, or ardopc or piardopc version 1.0.4.x or higher.
ARDOP_2Win TNC, version 2.0.4.x or higher, or ardop2 or piardop2 version and higher.
It may also be used with the ardopofdm TNC recently released by G8BPQ - use the gARIM command prompt to send the new ENABLEOFDM command to the TNC as needed.
gARIM is fully compatible with ARIM. Read more about it here:
New features in gARIM v0.3:
-- Add right-click context menu to Calls Heard list. Op may right-click on a call sign
   in the list and initiate various operations targeting the selected station.
-- Display current directory path in local and remote file views.
-- Cosmetic changes for more predictable appearance across different Linux distributions.
-- Operator can scroll up and down in Command Prompt history using <CTRL-u> and <CTRL-d> in addition to the UP and DOWN arrow keys.
-- Bug fixes and installation instruction updates.
See the change log below for details.
The downloads include a PDF Help doc and man pages. The download links are:
Binary distribution for 32-bit Linux Mint 19
Binary distribution for 64-bit Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or Linux Mint 19
Binary distribution for Raspbian OS on RPi:
Source code distribution:
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
For Linux OS, the binary distributions are for Ubuntu 18.04 and derivatives like Linux Mint 19.x only. It's best to compile gARIM from source code to avoid library versioning problems. It's easy, instructions are found in the INSTALL file included in the source distribution (now with instructions for Fedora 28 and derivatives).
Bob NW8L
v0.3  19Aug2018
1. Add right-click context menu to Heard List with these options:
   "Ping...", "Connect...", "Send Message..." and "Send Query...".
   The operator right-clicks on a call sign in the list and chooses
   a menu option to initiate an operation with the selected station
   without the need to type the call sign into a dialog box.
   This menu is not available during an ARQ session.
2. Add directory path box underneath local and remote file views.
3. Operator can scroll up and down in Command Prompt history using
   <CTRL-u> and <CTRL-d> in addition to the UP and DOWN arrow keys.
4. Force white background in text/data views for better legibility.
   Command Prompt background color is white only when active.
5. Accept default background color in dialog boxes and controls.
6. In FEC mode, don't start download progress meter when ARIM
   message frames addressed to a different station are heard.
7. Fix bug in ARQ Connect dialog where the ARQ bandwidth selection
   was incorrect when attached to a version 1.0.x ARDOP TNC.
8. Fix bug where command history not available when command prompt
   activated with mouse click.
9. Update INSTALL file in source code distribution with instructions
   for building on Fedora Linux. Update Help document.

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