gARIM Messaging Program (GUI) v0.2

Bob NW8L

Announcing the the next release of gARIM, a GUI version of the ARIM ARDOP host
program. This version is compatible with both version 1x and version 2.x ARDOP TNCs:
ARDOP_Win TNC, version 1.0.4, or ardopc or piardopc version 1.0.4.x or higher.
ARDOP_2Win TNC, version 2.0.4.x or higher, or ardop2 or piardop2 version and higher.
It may also be used with the ardopofdm TNC recently released by G8BPQ - use the gARIM command prompt to send the new ENABLEOFDM command to the TNC as needed.
gARIM is fully compatible with ARIM. Read more about it here:
New features in gARIM v0.2:
-- Added support for version 1 ARDOP TNCs.
-- Added a graphical progress meter to indicate progress of uploads and downloads.
See the change log below for details.
The downloads include a PDF Help doc and man pages. The download links are:
Binary distribution for 32-bit Ubuntu/Linux Mint 16.04 LTS
Binary distribution for 64-bit Ubuntu/Linux Mint 16.04 LTS:
Binary distribution for Raspbian OS on RPi:
Source code distribution:
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
For Linux OS, the binary distributions are for Ubuntu 16.04 and derivatives like Linux Mint 18.x only. It's best to compile gARIM from source code to avoid library versioning problems. It's easy, instructions are found in the INSTALL file included in the source distribution.
Bob NW8L
v0.2  09Aug2018
1. Add progress meter feature for file, message, query response, and
   directory listing data transfers. The meter is located on the
   status bar and appears when an upload or download begins to
   indicate percentage of completion as the tranfer progresses.
   Suggested by Doug, WB6VAC, thanks!
2. Installer ("sudo make install") now installs a Desktop Entry file
   and icon file, to make gARIM visible in the application menu on
   Linux distros that support the XDG Desktop Entry Specification.
   gARIM may initially appear under the "Other" category, but this
   can be changed using the distribution's menu editor.
3. gARIM is now backward compatible with version 1.x ARDOP TNCs, of
   which ardopc v1.0.4.1b-BPQ and ARDOP_Win v1.0.4 were the last
   (and recommended) releases. When attaching to a TNC, gARIM detects
   its version and adapts accordingly. Note that the ARQBW and FECMODE
   parameters vary between ARDOP TNC versions 1 and 2, and if the
   initial values specified in the garim.ini file are not valid for
   the detected TNC version, gARIM will fall back to a default value.
4. Fix bug where the NEGOTIATEBW value from the config file was not
   sent to ARDOP_2Win TNC v2.0.4 when gARIM starts.
5. Fix bug where the error message for failed TNC attach attempts
   cited the wrong TNC number.
6. Fix bug where menus were left in the wrong state when an ARQ
   session was canceled by pressing the ESC key.
7. Fix bug where, in an unauthenticated ARQ session, authentication
   failed if the '/MGET' command was entered without a 'max number of
   messages' argument given.
8. Fix erroneous "Sorry, unable to access file..." warning when a
   file is selected in the "Select File to Send" file browse dialog
   available after choosing "ARQ->Send File..." from the main menu.
   Reported by Doug, WB6VAC, thanks!
9. Do not allow transmit operations initiated from the main menu or
   file/message views to proceed if the TNC is busy. Do not allow ARQ
   operations initiated from the main menu or file/message views to
   proceed if the connection closes after the menu item is chosen.
10. Fix errors in arim.5 man page file and update Help document.

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