gARIM Messaging Program (GUI) v0.1

Bob NW8L

Announcing the first beta test release of gARIM, a GUI version of the ARIM ARDOP host
program. This version if fully compatible with ARIM v2.1 and with ARDOP2_Win TNC,
version 2.0.4.x or higher, or ardop2 or piardop2 version and higher. gARIM
is offered for those using ARIM who prefer a GUI version.
gARIM v0.1 is available for Linux and Raspbian operating systems only - a version for Windows operating systems will follow later.
Read more about it here:
This version supports the new NEGOTIATEBW feature introduced in ARDOP 2 version 2.0.4.
It may also be used with the ardopofdm TNC recently released by G8BPQ - use the gARIM
command prompt to send the new ENABLEOFDM command to the TNC as needed.
gARIM is NOT compatible with ARDOP TNC versions 1.0.x.x, nor with ARIM versions 1.9 and earlier.
gARIM was tested with ARDOP2_Win v2.0.4 and ardop2 v2.0.3.9-BPQ. Please let me know of any bugs.
The downloads include a PDF Help doc and man pages. The download links are:
Binary distribution for 32-bit Linux
Binary distribution for 64-bit Linux:
Binary distribution for Raspbian OS on RPi:
Source code distribution:
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
Station NW8L will be running ARDOP_2Win 2.0.4 and ARIM 2.1b2 on 7.110 USB (dial), and possibly 10.134 USB (dial) in daylight hours.
Bob NW8L

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