Re: Vara Virus Alert


VARA 2-2-1  re registered with  Microsoft  Defender 

version  2-2-1 now  passing  microsoft defender  scan

This only applies to  new  users  , there  are  NO CHANGES  to  the  Vara  modem 
the  new issue is the  same as  the  old  issue , only  the re-issued  2-2-1  is now  registered [again]

Some applications  are still  reporting issues , however, since the MS-Defender registration
the  name of the  reported issue  has  changed .... 

my  Avast  did  report 2-2-1 as  '' win32 malware gen''  , the  re registered 2-2-1  is  now  reported  as  'no issues'  

Apparently,  The BPQ  terminal  is also  flagged by  some  applications  ..and so on .. to  infinitum 


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