Re: Vara Virus Alert


Yes ,

During testing , each new  version  was  intercepted  by  Avast on my pc , with the  precursor , that it had  ' found something very significant' indicating  it had discovered some code with a  ''name'' ,  and insisted in  uploading the  file  to the   ''virus lab''  then  some hours later , came the  response , that the  file  was ok ..a pain , as the only way to  continue was to defeat Avast, with occasionally 2 or 3 new issues a night , 

As the  issue has now remained  frozen for  some  period of time ,  if  now it is being  flagged  as corrupted , a signature  'must' of been  added  to the  virus data  base, the  same happened  with  various issues of the  ROS-HF mode ,  though ,  As far as I can  remember ,  the Opera  system has not  suffered from this ?

Noting this is also a  commercial venture, which would  raise the  bar as to collateral damage and as of yet, it  seem's no spurious activity  has been reported, other than those  of the reporting  software .however , deployment seem's to be  in good  health and the  FM version is gaining momentum , latest issues  surround ctcs  repeater  control  , afforded by the  win-link software and  tx to  rx times  of analogue repeaters 



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