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Is there a link for the equipment used?

Does anybody know of a link to information on HughesNet internet receivers and PA?

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Sent: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 2:07:21 PM
Subject: [digitalradio] OPERA @ 47GHz #47GHz #10Ghz #HB9G
Using OPERA on 47 GHz , over a 303 Km path ,

Luis EA5DOM, , Sending on 47GHz , using opera to establish the link , then , when s/n & path permitting, changing to VOICE SSB

Also HB9G , fixed beacon, sending 10.884GHz  ,being spotted by  HB9DUB -15 db spot , showing in the lower text bar 

Note - 23 cm is the  highest  band , psk-reporter is capable of displaying , the  on-line  Opera data  base
contains a  listing of correct frequency's for  fixed beacons  using the  system  and  displays accordingly 


Links to >

Opera down load link ....

On line data base ....

Screen capture of EA5DOM  side of the  47Ghz link 

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