New version VARA v2.2.1


New version of VARA-HF  activated  12/5/2018 

Additional speed level added , increasing the  range to 11  

Drift tolerance improved .

Whiles retaining the  'same'  CPU loading ,  increased   'Drift tolerance'  [AFC] has been  embodied
This improves performance , when used  with  more 'tradition equipment. 

Power level and  level  setting's continues to raise issues  with  users ,. 

Tx that provides  100 watts  PEP , the  VARA signal  will show   25%  , ie 25  watts , this is  due to the format of the  waveform ,
the  meting  usually  catering  for  SSB  voice

TUNE button has been integrated in the soundcard menu,

Ideal ALC level set point is  indicated , by  the  image attached.

(with a low ALC level your Gateway will launch very little power, or even zero power. So decode, but will never connect)


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