ARIM Messaging Program v1.9

Bob NW8L

ARIM v1.9 is available for download:
Add new "remote file listing" feature. This simplifies the process
of downloading files from the remote station in an ARQ session.
Based on suggestions from Doug, WB6VAC, thanks!
Added a UI themes feature. This allows custom color coding and text
attributes to be defined for various user interface elements. Two
built-in themes, "light" and "dark" are available, as well as others
defined in the "arim-themes" file included in the distribution.
Based on suggestions from David, KI6ZHD, thanks!
NOTE: This is likely the last release targeting ARDOP version 1.0.x.
The next release will target ARDOP 2 TNCs now being tested.
Details in change log excerpt below.
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
Station NW8L will be on dial 14.066 in daytime, 7.110 at night and
sometimes 10.131 for a while in-between, for testing.
73, Bob NW8L
v1.9  01May2018
1. Add "remote file listing" feature in ARQ mode. Use new commmand
   '/flget' to download a file listing for a shared files folder on
   the remote station. This listing is displayed in the new "List
   Remote Files" view, which opens automatically after the listing
   is downloaded. Like the existing local file viewer, directories
   and files are assigned an index number, making it easy to work
   with them without typing in lengthy commands at the prompt. The
   following commands are available in the viewer:
     'cd [-z] nbr' is used to change directories. The optional '-z'
        switch enables compression to reduce the transfer time of the
        new listing. 'nbr' is the index number of the directory. A
        file listing for the specified directory is downloaded and
        shown in a fresh instance of the viewer.
     'rf nbr' closes the view and prints the specified remote file in
        the Traffic Monitor.
     'gf [-z] nbr [dir]' closes the view and downloads the specified
        file nbr. The '-z' option enables compression to reduce the
        transfer time of the download. The 'dir' option allows the
        operator to specify a particular local directory to store the
        file in.
     'q' quits the viewer.
   The viewer closes automatically when one of these commands is
   invoked. Press the '#' hot key to reopen it if you need to continue
   working with the remote file listing it contains. Note: the viewer
   can be reopened only in ARQ mode.
2. Add new ARQ mode command:
      '/flget [-z] [dir]'
   This command is used to download a file listing from the remote
   station and display it in the remote shared files view. The '-z'
   option enables compression to reduce the transfer time of the
   file listing download. 'dir' is the directory of interest at the
   remote station. If not specified, the default shared files folder
   at the remote station is listed. Examples:
      /flget -z skeds/rr-net
   Mutual authentication will be triggered automatically if '/flget'
   is used to list an access-controlled directory when the session is
   not yet authenticated.
3. Add UI themes feature. Themes control the color coding and text
   attributes of the various elements of the user interface. Two
   built-in themes, DARK and LIGHT, are always available, and up to 5
   custom themes can be defined by the user in the 'arim-themes' file.
   When ARIM starts, the theme set by the 'theme' parameter of the
   [ui] section of the configuration file is loaded. You can change
   the UI theme at any time by using the 'theme' command at the
   command prompt. Note: themes work only when the 'color-code'
   parameter in the [ui] section of the arim.ini configuration file is
   TRUE. See the PDF Help file and the 'arim(5)' man page for details.
4. Add new command 'theme'. Use this to change the UI theme. For
      theme name
   Where 'name' is the name of a UI theme, either one of the built-in
   themes DARK or LIGHT, or a custom theme define in the arim-themes
   file. This erases the terminal and re-draws it using the specified
5. Add new parameter 'theme' to the [ui] section of the arim.ini
   configuration file:
      theme = name
   where 'name' is the name of a UI theme, either one of the built-in
   themes DARK or LIGHT, or a custom theme defined in the arim-themes
   file. The specified theme will be loaded when ARIM starts. The
   default theme is DARK.
6. Add PDF versions of the ARIM man pages to the distributions.
7. Update embedded Help and PDF Help file.

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