ARIM Messaging Program v1.7

Bob NW8L

ARIM v1.7 is available for download:
Bug fixes, point to RPM build instructions.
Details in change log excerpt below.
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
Station NW8L will be on dial 14.066 in daytime, 7.101 at night and
sometimes 10.131 for a while in-between, for testing.
73, Bob NW8L
v1.7  31Mar2018
1. Fix latent bug which can cause a segfault when processing
   ill-formed commands in certain circumstances.
2. Add missing header file #include to fix broken build on Red Hat
   derived Linux systems.
3. Update INSTALL and Help docs with link to instructions for building
   an RPM package from the ARIM source distribution on Red Hat derived
   Linux systems, and using it to install ARIM. Instructions and .spec
   file are maintained by David Ranch, KI6ZHD, thanks!
4. Update PDF Help file and arim.5 man file to correct spelling of
   configuration file parameter 'name'.

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