Re: VARA working under Wine!


Hi Finn,

It SHOULD work fine using just Wine and Winetricks, BUT for some reason winetricks has problems installing DotNET 4.5 - I kept getting errors saying it conflicts with DotNET 2.0 which is already installed. Even after starting fresh...

I just decided to use Crossover because it seems to install these components with ease. (Crossover costs USD $40 but it also allows almost all work to be done in the GUI for those who dislike the command line).

For anyone not running into the winetricks problems using DotNET, it should work just as well...

Steve K6ETA

On 03/11/2018 03:55 PM, la7um via Groups.Io wrote:
Does this actually indicate a next step, doing it all manually with only WINE for MAC and LINUX?
Finn LA7UM

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