Re: Thanks Rick, Jose, and Winlink folks .

John G8BPQ


The ARDOP busy is designed to detect any signals in the pass band, not just
ARDOP signals. I don’t know details of the VARA busy detect, but practical
experience suggests it does the same. Of course they may struggle to detect
some of the "below the noise" weak signal modes.


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I think the interference is mostly a matter of non-Winlink users expecting
the Winlink folks to listen with an application that can decode other modes
before trying to connect using Winlink Express. While that could happen, I
don't expect people that have limited battery power to run their stations to
do that.

Matthew Pitts

On March 8, 2018 4:24:24 PM EST, Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...> wrote:
It seems to me that we have a really useful tool at our disposal now. 
Winlink Express has Pactor, Packet, Robust Packet, Winmor, ARDOP, and VARA
as RF related modes.  Plus you can use Telnet to move traffic.  You can use
these modes with Internet assistance our you can do peer to peer .  You can
use Iridium Go with Winlink and satellite phones. A busy detct is bult in,
so hopefully the use of this application avoids some of the well-known
Pactor BBS QRM issues.  

Andy K3UK

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