ARIM Messaging Program v1.5

Bob NW8L

ARIM v1.5 is available for download:
Fix bug, refine "channel busy" functionality.
Details in change log excerpt below.
Special thanks to Doug WB6VAC for help in beta testing.
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
Station NW8L will be on dial 14.066 in daytime, 7.101 at night and
sometimes 10.131 for a while in-between, for testing.
73, Bob NW8L
v1.5  06Mar2018
1. Fix bug where ARIM's busy state not reset when detaching from TNC,
   which prevented attempts to initiate a new operation if ARIM's
   busy state was TRUE at the time.
2. Force reset of ARIM's busy state when the ESC key is pressed.
   ARIM depends on notifications from the TNC which indicate the state
   of the TNC's busy detector. In some cases, ARIM may not receive a
   BUSY FALSE notification when one is expected. This can leave ARIM
   stuck in the [RF CHANNEL BUSY] state, and attempts to start a new
   operation will fail. If this happens, the operator can recover by
   pressing the <ESC> key to reset ARIM's busy state.
3. Remove delay in changing ARIM busy state after receiving BUSY FALSE
   notification from TNC.
4. Update embedded Help and PDF Help file.

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