Re: VARA or Winmor station ?

John G8BPQ

It is possible to run a BPQ32 station with VARA, ARDOP, Pactor and WINMOR on the same radio. Obviously only one can be used at a time, but the system will respond to  a call from any one of them.


On 25/02/2018 16:06, KC9SGV wrote:

Don't think so.
The server would also need two fully functional HF setups running a few kcs apart.
One server would like to grab the Signalink USB for both programs anyways.
We really need a Beta version of Trimode with all the new modes for this kind of testing.

Any thoughts, and I will try to set up some solution with what I have here ?


On Feb 25, 2018, at 9:21 AM, Andrew OBrien <k3ukandy@...> wrote:

FYI, on 40M today via VARA I sent 22005 bytes with 2860 Bpm  results

*** Messages sent: 1.  Total bytes sent: 22005,  Time: 07:41,  bytes/minute: 2860

Is there a station that will do both Winmor or VARA depending on what client the calling station is using ?  It would be interesting to compare the two under real conditions from my station. I don't recall getting close to 3000 bpm with Winmor in the past but perhaps I am mistaken. 

Andy K3UK

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