Re: VARA please excuse my ignorance

John G8BPQ

At the moment VARA can operate in 3 modes:

Client, where Winlink Express connects to it via a local TCP connection and VARA connects out to a remote VARA system in Gateway or BPQ Mode. Winlink Express is configured to connect to a Telnet Winlink session.

Gateway, where VARA accepts incoming connections and passes them to a Winlink CMS via the Internet.

BPQ Link, where VARA works as a Modem to a BPQ32 Node. With this setup VARA can be used like any other modem connected to a BPQ32 Node, for Winlink connections, Peer to Peer mail forwarding etc.

Work is currently under way to support VARA in Winlink Express and RMS Trimode. I would expect that once that is done it could be used for peer to peer between Winlink Express systems, but I don't know that for sure.

John G8BPQ

On 25/02/2018 14:34, kim campbell wrote:

1. Can VARA be used peer-peer
2. How is the VARA modem integrated with RMS express to utilize the Winlink system.

I am not a computer guru so I all ways struggle.73


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