ARIM Messaging Program v1.3

Bob NW8L

ARIM v1.3 is available for download:
Includes new message listing and retrieval commands for ARQ sessions.
Also implements RF channel busy detection to avoid transmitting on a
busy channel when the operator initiates an operation.
Details in change log excerpt below (see the Help doc for more
detail). Special thanks to Doug WB6VAC for help in beta testing.
Files are also available at the ardop applications Files area at
and in the Files area at the arim-ham Yahoo group:
Station NW8L will be on dial 14.066 in daytime, 7.101 at night and
sometimes 10.131 for a while in-between, for testing.
73, Bob NW8L
v1.3  15Feb2018
1. Add message listing feature in ARQ mode. Once connected to
   another station, use the '/mlist' command to retrieve a list of
   messages addressed to your station. Your station must be
   authenticated; if not the remote station will respond with an
   authentication challenge first. The syntax is:
   All messages in the remote station's outbox which are addressed to
   your TNC's call sign (mycall) will be listed, in chronological
   order (oldest first).
2. Add message download feature in ARQ mode. Once connected, use the
   '/mget' command to retrieve messages addressed to your station from
   the remote station's outbox. Your station must be authenticated;
   if not the remote station will respond with an authentication
   challenge first. The syntax is:
      /mget [-z] [n]
   where the optional '-z' switch invokes on-the-fly compression of
   the messages, and the optional 'n' parameter is the maximum number
   of messages to download. Up to n messages addressed your TNC's call
   sign (mycall) will be downloaded to your inbox, starting with the
   oldest message first. If n is not given, the default limit is 10
   messages. This is useful for stations that are on the air only
3. In FEC mode, check to see if the channel is busy before sending
   messages, queries, files, beacons, unproto text and pings. If busy,
   cancel the operation. If sending a message, prompt the operator to
   save to the outbox (y/n). This will help avoid collisions during
   net operations or wasted transmissions when interfering signals
   appear in the channel. Requires version or higher of
   the ardopc/piardopc TNC. Works with version of the
4. Add "RF CHANNEL BUSY" indicator below the status indicators. This
   is driven by BUSY notifications from the TNC, which appear during
   FEC operations but not during an ARQ session.
5. Command history buffer added to command prompt in the message
   listing and file listing views. Use the CTRL-P (previous) and
   CTRL-N (next) keys to browse the recent command history when you
   want to reuse a previously sent command. The buffer holds the 10
   most recently sent commands.
6. Improve configuration file "dump" feature. When ARIM is run with
   the '-p' or '--print-conf FILE option, for example:
      arim -p dump.txt
   the file will contain a listing of configuration parameters with
   the values *after* processing. This is useful for troubleshooting.
   Invalid parameter values will be replaced with default values, and
   parameters with misspelled names will be absent.
7. Add 'arqbw' and 'busydet' parameters to the TNC Settings dialog.
   Remove 'pname' parameter, this is already shown in the ARIM title
   bar when ATTACHED to the TNC.
8. Update embedded Help and PDF Help file.

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