Re: Time to end the digital charade on 60M ? #JT65

Ev Tupis

If you're interested in a group of folks that use PSK31 as a propagation indicator...and may even be interested in giving 60 meters a try...visit

If you formatted your TX's like a PropNET ID, you may find people in the USA willing to be RXing around the clock to document when the band is open across the Atlantic.

'just making the offer.

Ev, W2EV

On Friday, December 29, 2017, 4:13:02 PM EST, Graham <g0nbd@...> wrote:


An interesting  exchange   between  k6qi  and the  fcc  a while back over the  emissions allowable  on the  , then new, 5 meg  band,  ending  in simplicity , with  the  FCC pointing out that the  band  was under the  direct  control  of NITA and as such, it  was nothing  to  do  with  them 'squire' 

This post  from wa1wa would indicate, this  still  to  be the  case , as long  as it fits in b/w ,  anything go's ,  [this  reflects  rest of world regulations on this  subject] .

The wording of the fcc  document linked, may  reflect this  , as its appears to  be  comparative  as opposed to directive ,  'pactor 111 technique , I assume to  loosely infers  mfsk type ,  similarly for  psk31 psk carrier ?

 Commission restricts emission designator 2K80J2D to data using PACTOR-III technique and emission designator 60H0J2B to data using PSK31 technique.

I don't know, what propagation  is  like at the  moment,  but Ive certainly managed  a psk31 beacon  decode to the  usa , Opera  to  yourself ? and  VK with the  help  of vk3kck as rx   [ no tx permit in vk]  , 

can set  up if  anyone  wants  to try to uk ?


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