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Job well done Andy!

Matthew is an excellent choice to carry on here.

I have enjoyed all of our interaction over the years Andy and I look forward to much more my friend.

/s/ Steve, N2CKH

At 08:51 AM 11/23/2017, you wrote:
Thank you to those that expressed an interest in being the "owner" of this long standing group.   I have handed ownership over to Mathew Pitts N8OHU .   Mathew has considerable experience with digital mode amateur radio and has been an active member here for several years. He also is experienced with email group management.Â

For the history buffs, I started this group in 2000 when PSK31 via sound card devices was in its infancy.  Peter Martinez the inventor of PSK31 was a member along with people like Skip Teller of Digipan fame, Nino of MT63 and other modes.  Bob Furzer with Zakanaka and Logger 16/32, Glen of Hamscope, Dave of Winwarbler and DX Lab Suite , Pavel and his Olivia inventions, Patrick and Multipsk, Dave with FLdigi, Rick of Winmor and ARDOP fame, Joe the inventor of JT65, Steve and his ALE projects ,  and many more pioneers.  Â

Thanks to  Lynn and John who assisted with moderation duties. Â

At the height of this group's activity we had thousands of messages per month !  New info on exciting new modes or software was common.  To maintain that level of interest requires a lot of work by the owner , I do not have time for that any more.  I will still be active in the group, but I hope Mathew and others will take this group to another level.


Andy K3UK

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